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Welcome to the LTHL
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U.S. Open Weekend 2014 dates announced

  • Hey everyone. The Coleco U.S. Open tournament will be held on Friday, July 18 at 4 p.m. The Stiga U.S. Open tournament will be held on Saturday, July 19 at 9:30 a.m.

    Both events will take place at the Lemont VFW in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. More details to come, but we wanted to give everyone notice so you can save the date. The web site is here: U.S. OPEN SITE


  • Eric Davis defeated Eric Krol 4-1 on Dec. 14 to become the 2013 LTHL Stiga League champ. It's back-to-back titles for Davis. You can see game-by-game results, video links and pictures HERE.


  • Hello everyone. The LTHL will be back in 2014 with more table hockey tournaments. On Jan. 18, we'll be in Las Vegas, NV for a World Tour event. More info HERE.

  • After that, we'll be putting on a tournament using the vintage Coleco games. We'll send out an e-mail to our list or check back on the web site.


  • We've started the 2013 Stiga league. Four weeks of regular season play, once a month, plus playoffs. Only those who signed up by the late April deadline are eligible for playoffs, but if you're interesting in playing a week or two, please contact us ahead of time. You can e-mail Eric at ericakrol@gmail.com or call Jim Rzonca at 630.257.8171.



    2013 U.S. Open Weekend Date Set

    The Lemont Table Hockey League will once again host the U.S. Open weekend of table hockey.

  • First up is the Coleco U.S. Open on Friday, July 19 with first puck drop at 5 p.m. at the Lemont VFW. We plan once again to be part of the Classic Table Hockey Series (formerly known as the HTQ (Quebec Table Hockey Tour), the most prestigious series of Coleco events on the planet. The Canadian web site is HERE.

  • On Saturday, July 20, it will be the Stiga U.S. Open, which we've been doing since 2002.

    Come join us for one or both events. We guarantee you'll have a ton of fun. Get more information and sign up here: US OPEN SITE.

    Coleco S-Slot tournament on Feb. 23

    The Lemont Table Hockey League will be putting a Coleco S-Slot defenseman tournament at 3:30 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 23 at the Lemont VFW, 15780 New Avenue in Lemont. Entry is $25.

    Everyone's invited to play on our restored vintage and vintage-style Coleco games. Check out the photo with this e-mail. We'll play a round robin or two and then have playoffs.

    We're trying to make this the best event possible, so if you're interested in playing or think you'll come, please contact us as soon as possible to let us know.

    Eric Davis wins LTHL championship

    Eric Davis is the 2012 LTHL Stiga Champion.

    John Medema is the 2011 LTHL Stiga champion. For results, go HERE.

  • RIP, Mike Lisowski. CTHL legend Mike Lisowski passed away from cancer. To see some photos, click HERE. To see some remembrances and leave your own, click HERE.

    LTHL Upcoming Dates

  • The LTHL 2012 Stiga Season playoffs will take place Saturday, June 16 at Strike n' Spare II, 811 Northern Drive, in Lockport. IL. You can find a map by clicking here. First-round matchups are #3 Eric Krol vs. #6 John Barnes and #4 John Medema vs. #5 Claire Rzonca. #1 Jim Rzonca and #2 Eric Davis will face the winners.

  • The Coleco Classic $100: Date, time and venue TBA, but either June 30-July1 weekend or the weekend after that. A Coleco tournament played on S-Slot defensemen style games. $100 prize to the winner. Entry fee $25.

    LTHL News

  • 2012 LTHL Season Info: The 2012 LTHL Stiga season playoffs will take place on Saturday, June 16 at Strike N' Spare II in Lockport, IL. Six players are eligible after playing at least four of the six weeks.

    Check out the Week 1 results here: LTHL 2012 WEEK 1 RESULTS

    Check out the Week 2 results here: LTHL WEEK 2 RESULTS

    Check out the Week 3 results here: LTHL WEEK 3 RESULTS

    Check out the Week 4 results here: LTHL WEEK 4 RESULTS

    Check out the Week 5 results here: LTHL WEEK 5 RESULTS

    Check out the Week 6 results here: LTHL WEEK 6 RESULTS

    Check out the 2012 Season Standings here: LTHL 2012 OVERALL STANDINGS

  • SHARK TANK SHOOTOUT: Jim Rzonca defeated Jeff Thill 4-2 in the finals. The event was played on restored vintage wide-body Coleco models with big nets and banana-blade wingers and straight slot defensemen. Congrats to Jim for winning the tournament. For some quick results click HERE.

  • Jim Rzonca won the Coleco S-Slot Showdown, defeating Jeff Thill in the finals 4-0. More information is here: Table Hockey Heaven

    2011 Spring-Summer Stiga Season

    Week One Results
    Week Two Results
    Week Three Results
    Week Four Results
    Overall Results

  • Jim Rzonca defeated Dan Lord 4-0 in the Best of 7 finals to win a Coleco 5380 tournament held on Sunday, June 5 at Vito and Nick's. For results, please CLICK HERE.

  • The LTHL was once again proud to be part of the Chicago Blackhawks Training Camp Festival. This year's event was on Saturday, Sept. 17 at the United Center. We had several table hockey games set up to play as we put on a table hockey exhibition.

    The Lemont Table Hockey League was proud to once again to put on the U.S. Open table hockey weekend.

  • We hosted the Coleco U.S. Open on Friday, July 22 with first puck drop at 5 p.m. at the Lemont VFW. This year we're part of the Quebec Table Hockey Tour, the most prestigious series of Coleco events on the planet. The Canadian web site is HERE.

  • On Saturday, July 23, it was the Stiga U.S. Open, the long-running, best-attended Stiga event in North America.

    Come join us for one or both events. We guarantee you'll have a ton of fun. Get more information and sign up here: US OPEN SITE.

  • Congrats to Jim Rzonca, who won the Fall 2010-11 Stiga championship. That's back-to-back titles for Jim. See season and playoff results below.

  • Congrats to Jeff Thill, who defeated Jim Rzonca 4-0 in the finals to win the Coleco Shark Tank Shootout on Saturday, Jan. 8.

  • On Nov. 7, the LTHL put on the Coleco S-Slot Shootout, and Dan Lord upended Jeff Farwell in the finals. You can check out the results by clicking here.

    Lemont Table Hockey League at the United Center

    The LTHL returned to the United Center for an exhibition and league action on Saturday, Sept. 18. It was part of the fall fan festival featuring the Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks live practice. The sold-out saw hundreds of people try their hand at table hockey. You can check it out by CLICKING HERE.

    The LTHL is thankful to the Blackhawks for allowing us to come out for the third year in a row and be part of the fall training camp fan festival.

  • Check out last year's event by clicking here.

    Other News


    Week 1 Results
    Week 2 Results
    Week 3 Results
    Week 4 Results
    Week 5 Results
    Overall Results

  • Jim Rzonca is the 2010 Winter champion. Congrats to Jim! See the playoff results by clicking here.

  • The 2010 Stiga and Coleco U.S. Open weekend was held on July 23-24. Congrats to Dave Kraehling, the Coleco champ, and Edgars Caics, the Stiga champ. The tournament web site can be found by clicking here.

    2010 LTHL Coleco S-Slot Tournament Series

    Hello everybody. The Lemont Table Hockey League is excited to announce that the 2010 Chicago S-Slot Coleco Series dates are now set! There are three dates total. Trophies and medals awarded at each event. Players earn points based on finishing order. Games featured in this series of events are as follows: original Coleco 5380, Labelle 5380 and Carleco 5380 models. Vito & Nick's Pizzeria and Lemont VFW Post are the venues for these events. So come play on the prettiest, finest-tuned original custom Coleco games on this planet! Here are the dates:

  • April 25: LTHL S-Slot Challenge. For results: please click here.

  • July 23: Coleco U.S. Open. For results: please click here.

  • Nov. 7: The S-Slot Shootout. For results: please click here.

  • Jeff Thill won the Chicago Straight Slot Championship on Sunday, Feb. 28 at Vito and Nick's. He bested Jim Rzonca 4-2 in the Best of 7 finals. Ron Marsik and Dan Lord also participated in the tournament, which started out with a 4x round robin. You can read about that by clicking here.

  • Ron Marsik won the straight slot shootout on Nov. 22 at the Lemont VFW. For more details, please click here.

  • Eric Krol is the 2009 LTHL Stiga Summer/Fall champion. For more details, please click here.

    RIP, Jerry Pytlewski: August 1948 - May 2010

    Gerald Pytlewski, left, with Bernie Kunzler and Candy Butler.

    LTHL founder Gerald Pytlewski passed away on Saturday, May 29. It sounds like he was at home watching the Blackhawks play Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals. If he had to leave us so early, at least we know he went out happy. He was 61.

    We were just talking about Jerry last weekend at the LTHL...about how we hoped he'd make a return to playing at this year's US Open (an event he helped found). And recalling how there likely wouldn't have been a Stiga league in Chicago if not for Jerry. It was Coleco territory at the time with the long-running CTHL, but he came up with the idea of a summer Stiga league. He hosted the LTHL for several years in his backyard. Jerry kept birds (pigeons?) in his backyard. And he had this little dog that would nip your ankles. Sometimes he'd barbecue.

    I think everyone who passed through there over the years has fond memories of playing at Jerry's. We all cut our teeth on Stiga at his place. Sweating through the heat and humidity, it being Chicago in the summer. Playing Stiga in his family room shortly after I'd discovered the CTHL in early 2002 is a memory that's burned in my brain. As is the big birthday tournament we had that lasted until the wee hours of the morning...Pierre and Bernie came down from Canada for it...I wanna say it was August 2003. He is survived by his wife, Chris, his son, Scott, his daughter Andrea, and a granddaughter.

    You can leave your remembrances of Jerry by clicking here.

  • You can read Pierre Chastenais' remembrance by clicking here.

  • LTHL 2010 Winter Season
    Week 1 Results
    Week 2 Results
    Week 3 Results
    Week 4 Results
    Week 5 Results
    Overall Standings

  • LTHL 2009 Summer/Fall Season
    Overall Standings
    Week 1
    Week 2
    Week 3
    Week 4
    Week 5
    Week 6

  • COLECO SHARK TANK CLASSIC: On Sunday, June 7, Jeff Thill defeated Jim Rzonca 4-1 in the Best of 7 finals to win the second leg of a three-tournament series, the Coleco S-Slot Challenge. Third was Bob Ingo over Dan Lord. The third leg, the Coleco U.S. Open, is set for Friday, July 31 at 5 p.m. Some quick round robin standings, playoff results and a link to discussion/photos can be found by CLICKING HERE.

  • COLECO S-SLOT CHALLENGE: On Sunday, April 19, Jeff Thill defeated Bob Ingo 4-1 in the Best of 7 finals to win the first leg of a three-tournament series, the Coleco S-Slot Challenge. Third was Jim Rzonca over Joe Salazar. John Medema won the B pool. A dozen players participated. The second leg, the Shark Tank, is scheduled for Sunday, June 7. Photos and results to come.

    Thank you to our sponsor, Vito and Nick's Pizza and Bowling Lanes in Lemont.

    Click here for great pizza

    Dan Lord wins his second Coleco Shark Tank Classic. Get the quick round robin results and photos with more to come by clicking here

  • We have a new Shark Tank Champion!: Rich Thill defeated his son (and multiple time Shark Tank champ) Jeff Thill in the finals of the Shark Tank Coleco tournament on May 25. Rich won the final series 4-2, getting out to a three-game lead before Jeff came back. Rich made the finals by coming back against Jim Rzonca from a 2-0 deficit in the best of 5 semis. Jeff advanced by defeating Dan Lord, who ended up third. Taking the B pool was Eric Krol, who defeated Bob Ingo 3-2 in the semis (Ingo was down 2-0 before coming back to tie the series). Runner-up in the B Pool was John Medema, who also came back from a 2-0 deficit to force a game 5. Update: Results posted here. The tournament was held at Vito and Nick's.

    Proud to present Mr. Bob Ingo's YouTube video promo of the LTHL.

    Jim Rzonca
    (630) 257-8171

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