LTHL Coleco Tournament

The LTHL hosted a Coleco tournament on Saturday, Nov. 19, 2005 at the Quarry Inn in Lemont.

Congrats to Jeff Thill, who defeated Dan Lord 4-1 in the finals to win the tournament.

Congrats to Simon Jurinek, who defeated Eric Krol 3-0 in the Players Division finals.

A Group Finals

Jeff Thill vs. Dan Lord JTH 15 DAN 5 DAN 7 JTH 6 JTH 10 DAN 7 JTH 7 DAN 2 JTH 8 DAN 5 Jeff Thill wins 4-1 and is the tournament champion.

A Group Semi-finals

Jeff Thill vs. Rich Thill JTH 7 RTH 6 RTH 9 JTH 6 JTH 5 RTH 4 JTH 10 RTH 6 Jeff Thill wins series.

Dave Beleny and Dave Jr. squared off in the Players Division playoffs as CTHL veteran Dave Kozak refs.

Jerry March takes on Bill Rzonca as Adam Thill refs.

Jim Rzonca and Rich Thill battled in the playoffs.

Joe Salazar and Jeff Thill played in the A group quarterfinals.

Here's the hardware.

Jeff Thill gets some congrats from the Quarry Inn.

Jim Rzonca gives Jeff Thill the first-place trophy.