2005 U.S. Open photos

All photos taken by Eric Krol

Phil Hamilton and his grandson Austin try out the Best of Seven game.

The B pool playoffs in high gear.

Garry Butler, left, takes on Dean Kallas in the B pool playoffs.

John Schenk, left, and John Power go at it.

Garry Butler takes on John Medema as Butler's son looks on.

Rich Thill, left, takes on Jonathan Kittner in the C pool finals.

Stephen Klump, right, battles Rob Chargo in the A pool round robin.

Tanner Ruiz downed Phil Hamilton 2-0 to take 3rd in the C pool.

Texas' Bill Boyd, left, played Paul Slezak in the B pool.

James Krol kept tabs on the wins and losses.

Rich Parker and Adam Thill battled in the B pool round robin.

Bernie Kunzler and Pierre Chastenais, right, return to the tournament they helped put on the map in 2002.

Pierre Chastenais, right, and Pascal Theriault battled in an epic A pool playoff series.

The night before at Quarry Inn featured an appearance by Chicago Coleco legend Mike Lisowski.

The Puopolo brothers hooked it up again.

Battlin' dads: Steve Puopolo Sr. and Mike Sacco Sr. do battle.

Joe Salazar and Jeff Thill renew their rivalry.

Tom Warren and Mike Sacco Jr. play in the B pool.

The obligatory wide shot of the tournament.