Week 3 Report

Jerry Miller of Homewood saw the LTHL web site on Saturday morning, and by the afternoon he was out playing some table hockey.

Week 3 Report

Dec. 31, 2005

The LTHL got a New Year's Eve surprise in Week 3 as newcomer Jerry Miller turned out just hours after finding out about us via the web site. He was so excited to have found people who still played table hockey that he drove an hour from Homewood to Lemont and hit the ground running. Miller remembers playing in a big table hockey tournament in the 1970's at a downtown Chicago Holiday Inn, one of the famous tournaments from table hockey's original heyday when guys found out about tournaments in the back of hockey magazines but 100- 200 guys would show up. Miller is a fan of the Coleco/Eagle tin player game but is willing to try his hand at Stiga. He managed two ties in his first week and was up 2-1 against Russ Leonard with less than a minute to play but ended up losing that one. Get 'em next time, Jerry. Jim Rzonca, Dan Lord and Eric Krol used the afternoon as a final tune-up for the Stiga Las Vegas tournament next week. The three were pretty evenly matched, with Krol needing a win in the last game against Lord to tie Rzonca. After falling behind 2-0, Krol was up 3-2 and then 4-3 but could not hold on, settling for a 4-4 tie. That allowed Lord to tie Rzonca for first, but Jim held the tiebreaker by going 2-1-1 head-to-head. Now it's on to Vegas before coming back for Week 4 of the LTHL season on Jan. 21.

Standings PLAYER W L T GF GA LTHL PTS JIM RZONCA 11 3 2 84 30 6 DAN LORD 11 3 2 63 41 5 ERIC KROL 10 4 2 60 38 4 RUSS LEONARD 3 11 2 28 67 3 JERRY MILLER 0 14 2 15 74 2

Four of the five stalwarts who showed up for Week 3.

Jim Rzonca and Dan Lord tied for first, but Rzonca held the tiebreaker.