2004-05 Playoff Night

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Here's the hardware.

Finals Night report:
By Eric Krol
A good turnout for the LTHL as the league marked the end of another season with an eight-player A group playoffs for the big title of LTHL Champion and a 5-player B group double round robin and playoffs for a trophy. Rob Chargo would go on to win the LTHL title once again, defeating Jeff Thill 4-1 in a finals series that saw Jeff storm out to win the first game and Chargo regroup. It was close. Thill got to the finals by upseting Ron Marsik in the semis and upending Eric Krol in the quarters. Chargo swept Jeff Farwell and Jim Rzonca to get to the finals. The B group title went to Adam Thill, who fell behind his father 2-0 in the Best of 7 finals before showing him the student had become the master (at least on Stiga) to win 4-2. Both men clearly wanted that trophy. Before the finals started, Jim Rzonca presented Ironman awards to three players who played in every game, every week: Krol, Marsik and John Medema, a solid addition to the league the past year. Krol presented Rzonca, an Ironman in his own right, with a half-case of Heineken. Jim gave Russ Leonard the Rookie of the Year award. Several guys showed up for the first time this season, but only Leonard came back after taking a pounding his first week. The rapidly-improving Russ beat some top players by the end of the season. At the end of the night, Rich Thill presented a special videotape of Garry "Da Bomber" Butler. Rich spent countless hours combining raw video footage shot by Seth Jacobsen last November of Butler talking about table hockey, with hysterical questions featuring himself as the interviewer. You had to be there. Everyone was rolling in the aisles, as the tape capped off with Butler destroying a Stiga game for comedic purposes.

Garry Butler turned out to watch a hilarious videotape put together by Rich Thill.

Jim Rzonca holds up his special award: a 12-pack of his favorite beer.

Rzonca presents Eric Krol with an Ironman Award for playing in 196 games.

John Medema also was an Ironman.

Smiles all around as Ron Marsik gets an MVP award for most wins.

Russ Leonard was named Rookie of the Year.

Rzonca at the awards ceremony.

A Group Quarterfinals

(1) Ron Marsik vs. (8) Dan Lord

Dan Lord pushed Ron Marsik hard in their quarterfinal series.

Lord 4, Marsik 3 (OT) Marsik 5, Lord 2 Marsik 2, Lord 1 (OT) Lord 3, Marsik 2 Marsik 3, Lord 2 (OT) Marsik 6, Lord 0 Marsik wins series 4-2 (2) Jim Rzonca vs. (7) John Medema
Medema 2, Rzonca 0 Rzonca 4, Medema 1 Rzonca 4, Medema 0 Rzonca 5, Medema 2 Rzonca 5, Medema 0 Rzonca wins series 4-1 (3) Rob Chargo vs. (6) Jeff Farwell
Chargo 4, Farwell 1 Chargo 3, Farwell 1 Chargo 5, Farwell 2 Chargo 9, Farwell 1 Chargo wins series 4-0 (4) Jeff Thill vs. (5) Eric Krol
J. Thill 4, Krol 3 (OT) J. Thill 2, Krol 1 Krol 2, J. Thill 1 J. Thill 4, Krol 1 J. Thill 5, Krol 1 J. Thill wins series 4-1

A Group Semifinals

(1) Ron Marsik vs. (4) Jeff Thill

Jeff Thill looked impressive against legend Ron Marsik in the semis.

J. Thill 2, Marsik 1 J. Thill 7, Marsik 1 Marsik 6, J. Thill 1 J. Thill 2, Marsik 1 J. Thill 4, Marsik 1 J. Thill wins series 4-1 (2) Jim Rzonca vs. (3) Rob Chargo

Rzonca and Chargo played in the semis.
Chargo 4, Rzonca 3 Chargo 8, Rzonca 1 Chargo 6, Rzonca 5 Chargo 5, Rzonca 4 Chargo wins series 4-0

A Group Finals

Jeff Thill and Rob Chargo hook it up in the finals.

(3) Rob Chargo vs. (4) Jeff Thill
The finals featured Jeff Thill and Rob Chargo.

J. Thill 5, Chargo 1 Chargo 5, J. Thill 1 Chargo 2, J. Thill 0 Chargo 2, J. Thill 1 (OT) Chargo 4, J. Thill 1 Rob Chargo wins series 4-1 to take the title.

Jim Rzonca gives Rob Chargo the A pool trophy.

Third place series (1) Ron Marsik vs. (3) Jim Rzonca Marsik 5, Rzonca 3 Marsik 6, Rzonca 1 Marsik 8, Rzonca 1 Marsik 6, Rzonca 1 Marsik wins series 4-0

B Pool Playoffs

Semi-finals: A. Thill 6, Leonard 4 A. Thill 4, Leonard 0 A. Thill 4, Leonard 1 A. Thill 4, Leonard 1 Adam Thill wins series 4-0 R. Thill 4, Pytlewski 2 Pytlewski 1, R. Thill 0 Pytlewski 4, R. Thill 2 R. Thill 5, Pytlewski 2 R. Thill 6, Pytlewski 1 R. Thill 5, Pytlewski 0 Rich Thill wins series 4-2 Finals: R. Thill 3, A. Thill 1 R. Thill 4, A. Thill 3 (OT) A. Thill 5, R. Thill 1 A. Thill 5, R. Thill 2 A. Thill 4, R. Thill 2 A. Thill 2, R. Thill 1 (OT) Adam Thill wins series 4-2 and wins B pool championship

Adam Thill shows off his B pool trophy.

B Pool Round Robin

Rich Thill and Russ Leonard go at it in the B pool round robin.

PLAYER W L T PTS GF GA Adam Thill 5 2 1 11 34 12 Gerald Pytlewski 4 2 2 10 22 23 Rich Thill 3 3 2 8 14 16 Russ Leonard 2 4 2 6 16 27 Rich Parker 2 5 1 5 20 28

Box Scores

First Round Robin

Adam Thill and Russ Leonard battle in the B pool semis.

Second Round Robin

Gerald Pytlewski and Dr. Rich Parker played in the B group round robin.

Dr. Parker and Rich Thill in the round robin.