Week Eight Results

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Week 8 Report

By Eric Krol

We had a pretty solid turnout for the night before Easter as the LTHL held Week 8. About half the guys there were tuning up for the big Boston tournament at F1. Rob Chargo, who did better than anyone from Chi-town at last year's Boston tournament (including a very impressive second round robin that garnered him a top seed for the playoffs), went unbeaten and untied to take first place on the evening. A couple guys got close, but Chargo couldn't be stopped. Taking second was Ron Marsik, who's also headed to Boston and likely a lock for the Elite group. Third was Jim Rzonca, who's also headed to Boston and hopes to end up in that top group as well. We missed Garry "Da Bomber" Butler, who was taking a well-deserved vacation as he continues his recovery. The biggest story of the night had to be Russ Leonard, however. Russ met Jim at a Bubble Boys tournament (one that Rzonca and Jerry Pytlewski ultimately won, getting a trip to California to watch the Stanley Cup finals) a couple years back and looked up the LTHL. Russ struggled his first week, but didn't let that stop him. He came back last time and did a little better. In his third week, he broke out, winning not just one game, but his first five games of the season. He also had two ties. From my perspective, he's improved at a quicker pace than any new player to enter the LTHL ever (Chargo, with his years of top-level tournament experience, doesn't count;-). Russ picked up some international players recently, so his learning curve will probably just get shorter.

Three Stars of the night

1. Russ Leonard: breaks through with first win, gets four more.
2. Rob Chargo: unbeaten and untied as Boston looms next week.
3. Jeff Farwell: looked good.


PLAYER                      W   L   T   GF  GA  GP LTHL PTS
ROB CHARGO                 21   0   0  105  23  21   13
RON MARSIK                 17   2   2  111  37  21   12
JIM RZONCA                 14   5   2   98  63  21   11
JEFF FARWELL               13   8   0   78  60  21   10
JEFF THILL                 10  10   1   66  54  21    9
ERIC KROL                   9  10   2   72  68  21    8
JOE SALAZAR                 7  10   4   54  73  21    7
RICH THILL                  5  14   2   38  61  21    6
RUSS LEONARD                5  14   2   38  82  21    5
JOHN MEDEMA                 4  13   4   41  88  21    4
DAN LORD                    4   7   0   35  45  11    3
JERRY PYTLEWSKI             2  18   1   29 111  21    2

Note: each player gets one point for attendance and points based on what place they finish.

Box Scores

First Round Robin

Second Round Robin

Third Round Robin