Week Seven Results

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The sign says it all. Get well, Garry!

Week 7 Report

Ron Marsik shows off his form against Jim Rzonca.

By Eric Krol

Da Bomber Garry Butler returned and played a practice round during the LTHL's Week 7 on March 12. About 30 pounds lighter, with his always-impeccable clothes definitely a lot less snug than before, Bomber continues on the road to recovery. We had an odd number of players, so one player was off each round and took on Butler in practice games. Everyone was glad to see Garry back behind the Stiga rods and the LTHL's Jerry Pytlewski declared it "Garry Butler Night." Other than that, a bit of a slower-paced night as usual with several players out sick. Got the feeling the play was a little sloppier and not as top-notch as it usually is, with even the top players seeming to have off nights. That didn't stop Rob Chargo from going undefeated, however. Chargo, the defending U.S. Open champ, went 15-0 after tying his very first game of the night against Jeff Thill, 4-4, a surprising high score among two players who are known for their defense. Jeff finished with only three losses on the night: the rematch against Chargo 3-2, a loss to Ron Marsik and a rematch loss to Eric Krol. Marsik finished second. Jim Rzonca had what he called an off night, taking fourth. Krol was fifth. Rich Thill finished stronger than usual, buoyed by what had to be among his first, if not the first, win over Marsik 3-2. I believe he won on a goalie goal with little time left. Good to see Russ Leonard back. Everyone thought he greatly improved from his first time out, playing better defense and developing a bit on office. Practice is paying off for him. We're next in action on March 26 as more than half the league prepares for the big Boston F1 tournament the following weekend.

Rob Chargo, left, battles John Medema.

Three Stars of the night
1. Garry Butler...comes back and plays a practice round robin.
2. Rob Chargo...undefeated once again.
3. Jeff Thill...playing tough against the top dogs.

Jeff Thill takes on rookie Russ Leonard.


How the standings looked before Week 7.

PLAYER                      W   L   T   GF  GA  GP LTHL PTS
ROB CHARGO                 15   0   1   91  22  16   11
RON MARSIK                 11   3   2   83  30  16   10
JEFF THILL                 10   3   3   56  36  16    9
JIM RZONCA                  9   6   1   81  49  16    8
ERIC KROL                   8   7   1   52  42  16    7
RICH THILL                  5  10   1   33  64  16    6
JOHN MEDEMA                 4   9   3   35  51  16    5
JERRY PYTLEWSKI             2  12   2   24  96  16    4
RUSS LEONARD                0  14   2   24  89  16    3
GARRY BUTLER                                          1

Note: each player gets one point for attendance and points based on what place they finish.

Box Scores

Geritol Cup Part 3,000: Rich Thill and Jerry Pytlewski go at it.

First Round Robin

Second Round Robin

Third Round Robin