Week Ten Results

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Mike Bennett shows off his collection of hand-painted Stiga teams to Rich Thill.

Jim Rzonca's garage is one of the nicest you'll ever see.

Week 10 Report

By Eric Krol

Adam Thill made his season debut in Week 10.

This was the final week of the regular season for the LTHL, giving players a chance to improve their playoff positioning and get ready for the big showdown May 14. Dan Lord moved ahead of the recuperating Garry Butler to get the 8th and final A group playoff spot. Two other players moved up, although it's unlikely to impact their playoff situation. Jim Rzonca moved ahead of Rob Chargo for the second seed after Chargo couldn't make it. But if the playoff seedings hold, Rzonca still would face Chargo in the semi-final round. Jeff Thill edged out Eric Krol for the fourth seed by one point, but again would be facing top-seeded Ron Marsik in the semi-final round if the seedings hold throughout the quarterfinal matchups. Marsik went undefeated this time out, with only one tie. He avenged a sweep by Krol the last time out with a sweep of his own, roaring out to big leads in both games. Krol, down 5-0 in game two, scored four goals in a row and had two last-ditch attempts bounce in-and-out. Rzonca finished a strong second. Highlight of the afternoon was the presence of newcomer Mike Bennett of Joliet. Mike is clearly a Stiga fanatic, as he brought a suitcase full of every single Stiga NHL team and some custom-painted teams that looked very impressive. We're glad Mike found us and hope he becomes a regular. He's already signed up for the U.S. Open tournament on July 30 and is the first paid entry. Way to go Mike!

Playoff Quarterfinal Matchups

Dan Lord made the A group playoffs.

(1) Ron Marsik vs. (8) Dan Lord
(2) Jim Rzonca vs. (7) John Medema
(3) Rob Chargo vs. (6) Jeff Farwell
(4) Jeff Thill vs. (5) Eric Krol

Three Stars of the night

1. Ron Marsik...undefeated and an Iron Man...one of the few to play in every single LTHL game possible this season.
2. Russ Leonard...rapidly-improving rookie wins six games.
3. Gerald Pytlewski...won five games, probably a personal record for him, and looked good doing it.

Russ Leonard notched six wins in Week 10.


PLAYER                      W   L   T   GF  GA  GP LTHL PTS
RON MARSIK                 19   0   1   96  24  20   12
JIM RZONCA                 13   4   3   85  50  20   11
DAN LORD                   10   7   3   67  62  20   10
JEFF THILL                 10   7   3   54  36  20    9
ERIC KROL                   9   8   3   64  53  20    8
JOHN MEDEMA                 9  10   1   50  58  20    7
ADAM THILL                  9  10   1   62  69  20    6
RICH THILL                  8   9   3   49  44  20    5
RUSS LEONARD                6  13   1   47  78  20    4
GERALD PYTLEWSKI            5  14   1   36  79  20    3
MIKE BENNETT                2  18   0   29  86  20    2

Note: each player gets one point for attendance and points based on what place they finish.

Table hockey nut Mike Bennett was happy to find the LTHL.

Box Scores

First Round Robin

Second Round Robin