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Table Hockey Exhibit 

Vintage Table Hockey Games That Were Exhibited at the 2006 STIGA US OPEN

The 2006 Stiga U. S. Open will be featuring an exhibit of classic table hockey games of different eras and manufacturers, displayed by an Illinois afficionado. Steve Giannangelo, a long-time table hockey game collector, will have on hand 8-10 museum-quality table hockey games from his personal collection. These games will be on display for the public throughout the day on Saturday, July 29th.

Included in this exhibit will be the following table hockey games:

- 1960 Eagle Toys Power Play Electric Hockey: This mint game has been in a time warp since its production, and the parts have never been assembled. Among the amazing accessories, the cardboard hanging flags are still unpunched from the original card and the tin men are still stapled in their paper bags. 1960 NHL rule book. A once in a lifetime piece.

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- 1956 Eagle Toys Stanley Cup: Another mint incredibly preserved game, this includes all the original parts such as the scoring pegs, "orange dot" puck and nets with green "ping pong" netting so new it looks like it was purchased yesterday. This game features the very rare "short" design men and is barely used.

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- 1969 Coleco 5340 Official National Hockey: This NHL model could arguably be the most popular design within players and collectors alike. The gorgeous design of the tin overhead gondola scoreboard and wide design of the "Big Game" makes it a classic. This model is a specialty of the exhibitor and is complete with Last Minute of Play skater and paper flags.

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- 1943 Munro National Six "wood game": This represents the original table hockey game design produced by Donald Munro in the late 1930s. The primitive pinball action and clothespin design men are a trip through time. This game is absolutely unused with original instructions still on the bottom. An incredible antique find.

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- 1962 Munro Electric National Hockey, H30: A great representative of the early Munro games which featured excessive design details and ornate presentation. The game has full clear glass around the rink, a section of fans along the sideboards, an elaborate scoreboard timer and 2 white plastic "goal judges" in their fedora hats, peering through the end glass.

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- 1973 Munro WHA Hockey: Marketed as a Bobby Hull game, this model is significant in that while Munro never acquired NHL licensing for its products, this game featured full WHA team logos on its sides. The overhead and center ice featured the full World Hockey Association logo. Very rare.

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- Cresta Eishockeyspel hockey game: - produced in Germany in the late 40's/early 50's. This is a near mint example of the design often considered to be the forerunner of the modern slot hockey game. Original instructions and classic player design.

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- 1954 Reliable Games Foster Hewitt Hockey Game: This little artifact is a tribute to the legendary voice of Hall of Fame Canadian broadcaster Foster Hewitt. "Hello, Canada!" Metal men in a pinball design face off with black and white referees guarding the sideboards.

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- 1970 Gotham Phil & Tony Esposito Battling Brothers Hockey: This little cult classic features a tin forward player in Boston Bruins colors pitted against a Chicago Blackhawks themed goalie in one-on-one action. Box art adds to this game's special interest.

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There could be additions or deletions in games by the time of the display. Steve will also be bringing along several loose leaf binders containing a wealth of table hockey history and information, including ads from the 1930's to present, copies of instructions and other parts detail, as well as special articles and photos of nearly every type of game produced. Steve will be on hand to attempt to answer any questions or discuss any game of collectors' interest.


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